Brighton & Hove Personal Assistant Jobs Noticeboard

Tips on how to make a good job advert/job description

Here are some useful tips and examples on how to make the most from your post.

It has been suggested that most effective way of filling in your post information is to take a look at the questions asked and then go away with a pad of paper and think about what you are going to put in the boxes and then go back into your profile and use your notes on paper to fill out the sections on the website.

Everything highlighted with a triple asterisk (***) is something that must be completed.

If you have a Direct Payments Advisor they can support you with this step if needed. The Direct Payments Support Service (DPSS) can also provide a sample job description to any direct payments user who would like them.

The job description is a crucial part of the advert and also acts as part of the contract when a PA is found. For more information call the DPSS on 01273 296755.

You cannot search for a PA until you have posted a job advert.

Advert title:

This is the first thing that potential employees/PA's are going to see. Try to include some information about the role and specific requirements, such as a time frame or the hours needed and so on. Below are some examples.

E.g. Part time PA (16 hours per week) required assisting with household duties.

Or, Personal Assistant required for accompanying to the local shops. (1 hour per day)

Or, Female Personal Assistant required for personal care, must be a car owner to drive me to appointments...

The advert title section highlighted

The advert title should be short but describing what is needed; e.g. Female PA to support easy going lady with household tasks. There is a limit to how much can go in that box, so don’t make it too long.

Brief job description:

This is the information that will be underneath the job title and visible on the home page of the website. This will be crucial information that should catch the PAs attention and make them want to look further into the job details and apply. This part of the job post should include a brief overview of the role with specific tasks and information that is essential for the role. (This will be described in more detail in a later section)

A screenshot highlighting the brief job description field

E.g. Personal Care Assistant to assist 49 year old male who uses a wheelchair to live independently in his flat and get around the community. Role to start December.

Or, I am looking for a live-in carer to come and sleep at my house 7 nights a week if possible. I do not need you to be awake at night just there in case of an emergency. You will have your own bedroom.

Job description; Duties to include:

This is the section where you will need to go into a lot more detail about the role and what you need from the PA. Try to include as much information as possible. In this section is it also good to put some information about yourself and what sort of person you are, or maybe what you enjoy doing. This may appeal to a PA with similar interests and they may be more confident to apply for the job. Also if you speak any languages try to include them as English is not the main language for many of the city's residents. Be aware that this is the section where you will need to be specific about the duties needed. Maybe listing or bullet pointing them may be wise as it shows clear and easily readable contents.

You will need a clear picture of the type of employee you are looking for, this will save confusion in the later stages as the applicant will be fully aware of what the job involves.

A screenshot of the duties to include field


Duties would be to keep my flat clean and tidy. To do general house duties, i.e. changing light bulbs or batteries.

  • Personal care maybe needed in the future.
  • to shop and cook once a week
  • to undertake minor tasks that I can't manage
  • to help manage bills by reading them and speaking on my behalf to companies.


As a part-time Personal Care Assistant you will be required to:

  • Assist with dressing/showering/toileting
  • Use a hoist (training given)
  • Complete domestic household tasks
  • Be able to take care of animals (dog & cat)
  • Assist with shopping 
  • Attend meetings where appropriate

Even though you will be part-time the times of your hours will vary from week to week.  Hours can be flexible. Most of your work will happen between the hours of 07:30-11.30am and 17:45-10.30pm. You may be asked to work outside these hours.

Applicants must be flexible and living within a short distance of the BN2 area. Care experience is preferred but not essential. Driving Licence is essential as you may be asked to drive my car.

You also have the option to disclose your gender as employer.

How many hours is the PA required to work? E.g. 5 hours per week or 2 hours per day:

This section is a small box to fill out the specific hours and time frame the role requires. It is advisable that you use a numerical format and make it as simple to read as possible.

E.g. 10-20 hours per week

Or, 1 hour 45 minutes a day, 7 days a week. Times of day to be discussed.

Or, Monday-Friday 09:00am-17:00pm, Saturday-Sunday 10:00am-16:00pm.

A screen grab of the job requirements section with the hours area highlighted

Days and time frames of the week:

This part of the post is optional and a tick box section to show more specific and clearly displayed time frames of the day. If you already know that for example you need support every Monday and Thursday evening then there is an evening box under the day of the week which you can tick. It's designed to be easily read for both PA's and employers. See above.

The job is based in:

This section is a simple selection process where you click on the postal code where the job role is situated. If other, simply put the first half of the postal code in the box provided in the same format as above.

A screenshot of the job based in area of the application

The following are all tick boxes (see above) PA Gender:

In this section, you can either choose; male, female or not relevant for this role. By law, you can only have a preference on the gender of your PA if they're providing personal care. "PA Gender Required (Qualification existing under Section 1(1) of Schedule 9 of the 2010 Equality Act - due to the nature of the post)". A simple tick box section; male, female or not relevant for this role.

Car owner:

You can request that, due to the nature of the job role, a car owner is essential to the position as you may want someone to drive you to and from appointments. You may want to take into consideration whether you need to specify in your job description if this car needs to be wheelchair accessible.

Car driver:

This is also a tick box section which is optional, simple yes or no. You may not need a car owner, however you may need someone with a driving licence to drive your car.


Again a simple tick box, yes or no optional preference, whether or not you would be open to having a PA that is a smoker, some employers have illnesses which means they can't be in contact with cigarette smoke or some people just don’t like the smell, but it’s a personal optional choice.

PA care experience:

Again a yes or no section on whether or not you would like a PA who has previous PA experience or not. Not every PA will have experience but may state that they are willing to help and support someone and are willing to learn.

PA medical training:

This is also a yes or no preference on whether or not you would like a PA who has had some medical training in the past. Some employers, depending on the nature of the role, do not necessarily need medical training. For example, if you require support to go to the shops once a week, medical training may not be necessary. However if you need support to take your daily insulin injections you would probably prefer someone who has had training.

PA medical insurance:

Yes or no tick box once again, your PA will need medical insurance if you have high medical needs, for example administering medication or injections.

If you are employing the PA directly you will need to take out this insurance which needs to be approved by the council. For more information please contact the DPSS.

Deadline for applications. Please use DATE MONTH YEAR format:

This is the section where you specify when you want all applications in by. If you need the job filled by a certain date, this is where you would put the date.

The deadline above should be set as a date to encourage PAs to apply, but could be set as ASAP.

E.g. 21/03/2015

A screenshot of the all other job information section

Hourly rate:

This section of the job post is where you will put the rate of pay you will be able/willing to pay the PA. The average wage for a PA in B&H is between £8-£9 depending on your budget.

The hourly rate will be checked by PA Noticeboard administration. If it is below the National Minimum Wage, they will contact you to let you know that this needs to be changed before they can approve it.

Specific skills or training:

This section is where you would put any required training from your PA, for example, if you need to be moved on a hoist then manual handling training may be preferred.


This is a required yes tick box answer for your post to be published on the website. You must tick ‘yes’ to the following statements;

  • I Understand Employer’s Liability Insurance will be in place ***
  • I understand the Brighton & Hove strongly recommends that a Disclosure and Barring Services check (DBS formerly Criminal Records Bureau Check) is taken out when employing a new PA ***
  • I understand a formal contract of employment will be entered into ***

Once you have ticked the three boxes, you will see the below information;

"I declare that the information given in this application is to the best of my knowledge true and accurate. I agree to be bound by the Terms and Conditions of the PA Noticeboard. By submitting the form below you are agreeing to this declaration."

The terms and conditions in green is a link to the terms and conditions, if you are happy with the information provided then please press save and a member of the PA Noticeboard team will just have a double check over everything provided then publish it on the website. They will let you know they have done so.

Once you have completed all the boxes that are necessary (plus any extras so that you can get the most suitable PA) and ticked the Declaration boxes at the end, you can click Save and your form will be complete.

A notification will be sent to administration to check and approve your advert, which can take one or two working days.