Brighton & Hove Personal Assistant Jobs Noticeboard

PA Noticeboard Guide for PAs

When you first sign in after registration you will be asked to start an application form. This process can take up to half an hour to complete, and it is hard to save the form half way through completing it, so make sure you set aside enough time to finish. You may want to write the information in a word document first then copy it across. Click Start here!

A screenshot of the start your pa application button

All of the mandatory boxes that must be completed are marked with a triple asterisk (***).

The first box is the Personal Details box, in which you can write about your own skills and abilities especially focusing on PA work. This is not where you would put pervious employment details, as there are other boxes for that further down.

A screenshot of the editor for the personal profile

You can be as brief or as detailed here as you like, but bear in mind that the more you can put down, the more likely an employer will see your application and want to hire you.

A screenshot of some of the required fields such as full name, notification email address and your application title

Any general details will appear on the site to an employer who has a current advert on the site also. As you can see only the first three boxes are mandatory. You should double check the spelling of your email address, as employers will not be able to contact you if it is incorrect.

A screenshot of the general details section

The next section is all about what you can and can’t do. It is a bit longer than the section shown in the image above, which is just a small sample. Most of these questions are mandatory.

A screenshot of the employment section of the application

The next section is about your current or previous employment. The first question asked, though, is what hours you can work. This is not necessarily how many hours you would like to work, rather than the hours you are able to work.


You are only asked to provide one or two previous employers. This can be anything from full time, part time, casual or voluntary work. If you have done some babysitting after school, put that in, it is all relevant experience.

Please respect confidentiality and do not list individual employers by name. E.g. say a ‘lady in Brighton’ rather than ‘Jane Smith on Dyke Road’.

A screenshot of the references section and your declarations

Finally you are asked to provide two references before saving your application. At least one of your references should be a professional reference (i.e. a tutor or employer) and neither should be a member of your direct family. If you do not wish to put someone’s details in these boxes, put in that references will be provided at interview.

One you have saved your application you will be able to search the jobs listings. However, your application will not have been approved yet, and until it is, you will not be able to apply for any of the jobs. The approving process takes one or two working days.