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Employers guide

Before you start, you should set aside at least fifteen minutes to complete the form. This can be quite a long process and it is hard to save details halfway through completing an advert, so make sure you have enough time to finish. You may want to write this in a word document first and then you can copy it across.

First you must create a profile. This is not your advert, so you will still need to post the job description once you are done with this.

Once you have registered and logged in you will see this screen. Click on Start here!

An image of someone highlighting the start here button

Completing your profile

On the next page you are asked to fill out some personal details. These are not made public on the website. It is recommended to complete several fields, but the only fields you must complete before saving are your name and the email address. Again, it is important to make sure the email is spelt correctly. You will not be notified if a PA applies for your job if this is incorrect.

Highlighting the Full name and Notification email fields An image of the editor for filling in your personal profile

Once you have completed as much detail as you want with your contact details and your personal profile click Add New Employer.

If you would like to change any of your profile at a later date, maybe to update your email address you can go to Edit My Profile under your Details and Job Information. For the moment click on Add New PA Job.

You cannot search for a PA until you have posted a job advert – see next step and further information.

A screenshot hightlighting the Add New PA Job link

Adding a job advert

For more information please see the document entitled:

Tips on how to make a good job advert/job description

If you have a Direct Payments Advisor they can support you with this step if needed. The Direct Payments Support Service (DPSS) can also provide a sample job description and the Tips on how to make a good job advert/job description document to any direct payments user who would like them.

The job description is a crucial part of the advert and also acts as part of the contract when a PA is found. For more information call the DPSS on 01273 296755.