PA wanted for 2 hourly calls per week, assisting with housework and cooking, £9ph (JW-MP-12788)

Brief Desc: I am a woman in my 50s living in Moulsecoombe. I have chronic pain in my hands and feet which makes a lot of daily tasks difficult. Because of this I need someone to visit me twice a week and help with housework such as washing up, laundry, changing bed sheets and vacuuming. I also need some help to cook and prepare nutritious meals.

Receiving support with these tasks will help me to maintain a safe and clean living environment, and contribute to me living an independent life.

I’d like a PA to visit twice a week, for one hour each time at a rate of £9 per hour. I would like to be able to negotiate specific times that a PA will visit so these times can fit in around other activities I enjoy.

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